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Mediso - MultiScan LFER

MultiScan LFER large bore research PET/CT

MultiScan LFER Sitting non-human primate awake PET-CT imagingLarge FOV Extreme Resolution Portable Research Imager

The MultiScan LFER 150 PET/CT is a large bore research PET/CT in-vivo imaging system dedicated to research applications for both clinical and pre-clinical imaging. The LFER 150 (Large Field of view Extreme Resolution) with 20 cm axial and 15 cm transaxial field of view (FOV), sub-mm PET resolution and 5% sensitivity is aimed at wide range of translational imaging applications. The system features the most versatile PET/CT gantry ever built. Besides the horizontal lying position for anesthetised subjects the system supports vertically sitting position for the scanning of awake subjects.

The system delivers PET images with very high resolution and high sensitivity (5%) at the same time. The spatial resolution can reach 1 mm with Tera-Tomo™ PET 3D iterative reconstruction in Derenzo phantom studies.

Awake NHP brain imaging with dockable chair

Neuroreceptor imaging in the nonhuman primate (NHP) is valuable for translational research approaches in humans. NHP PET studies with LFER can be conducted without anesthesia, which would affect the interpretability of receptor binding measures. The combination of awake PET imaging and behavioural pharmacology may provide novel and important information on receptor availabilities or examination of cerebral blood flow (CBF) in the awake, unstressed condition.

The MultiScan LFER PET/CT is the ultimate tool for neurological PET imaging in non-human primates. The high resolution, large field of view PET detector of the dedicated scanner is optimized for dynamic brain imaging. Dynamic brain imaging was the principal design goal when developing the MultiScan LFER PET/CT. The PET and CT modalities can image the very same region of space, making any patient movement unnecessary. There is minimal dead space in front of the field-of-view (< 2 cm) for optimal accessibility. The gantry can be freely tilted to cover the brain in sitting position without blocking the subjects’ view supporting awake brain imaging in NHP with visual stimuli, like no system before. 

MultiScan LFER whole-body PET-CT imaging with MobilCellThe above flexibility is facilitated by the detachable patient table and virtually no dead space in front of the field-of-view, making it highly accessible. The compact imaging head can be manipulated with a high degree of freedom and the detectors' unique configuration enables consecutive PET and CT acquisition without moving the subject.

Whole-body PET/CT Imaging

Imaging wide range of animals with MultiScan LFER 150 PET/CTThe dockable MobilCell examination table allows helical CT studies and multiple bed position PET imaging supporting whole-body imaging. The 60 cm extended axial field of view can cover even the largest animals. To further increase the utility of the system, it is compatible with the MultiCell range of imaging chambers for non-human primates, rabbits, ferrets, marmosets and single and multiple rodents (rats and mice). The setup features heating with temperature control, physiological (respiratory and ECG) monitoring.

MultiScan LFER 150 mobile optionThe camera is controlled through the standard Nucline console of Mediso. The user interface derived from our clinical systems is ergonomic and easy to use. The predefined protocols reduce the technicalities of the scan to clicking a button helping you to focus on the animal during the imaging session. Yet this is a full-fledged research system and during calibration and protocol definition you can customize it to the extreme.

For increased portability the mobile gantry option with integrated UPS is also offered.

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