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Mediso - VivoQuant

VivoQuant post-processing software suite for image data

Mediso USA distributes inviCRO’s  VivoQuant software suite for PET, SPECT, CT, MRI and optical image analysis and quantification with Mediso’s preclinical nanoScan platform sites and NanoSPECT/CT and NanoPET/CT sites serviced by Mediso USA. This analysis and viewing software is installed at 125+ imaging labs worldwide (October 2013).

VivoQuant is third-party software component and trademark owned by Invicro.

Complete Post-processing Software Suite

VivoQuant SoftwareVivoQuant is a complete post-processing suite for image data combining fundamental viewing functionality with powerful analysis capabilities. VivoQuant combines fundamental viewing functionality with powerful tools for fine-tuning images, isolating and analyzing regions of interest, and more. Multiple display modes including orthogonal views, slice views, special co-registration multi-views as well as 3D MIP and volume renderings allow users to optimally view information of interest. Built-in tools allow the imaging scientist to extract the information she or he needs with minimal effort.

Additional Modules

In addition to VQ’s standard features, add-ons are available, including:

  • High throughput modules (HTmVQ). These plugins modules address the challenging bottlenecks imaging laboratories face in post-collection processing and analysis procedures by automating frequently used routines, thus saving pre-clinical imaging researchers significant amounts of time and energy. Data can be easily processed in batches with limited input from users, who can utilize Quick Step guides to easily navigate through the process. Users have access to readily customizable report templates that incorporate output data into interactive .pdf documents complete with summaries and embedded images, movies and associated spreadsheets.
    • Advanced brain analysis modules: Quantify dynamic responses across brain regions in PET, SPECT and MR brain scans
    • Tumor segmentation processing: Enables high-throughput automated identification, segmentation and analysis of SPECT and PET xenograft tumor data
  • iPACS® – Imaging Study Management SystemIntegration with iPACS®. iPACS is inviCRO’s web-based project management system designed for in vivo imaging applications. The iPACS® study management analysis software is a sophisticated, time-saving, web-based resource designed for imaging laboratories. iPACS offers a wide range of functionality for the organizational, processing, reporting and regulatory needs of preclinical and clinical imaging efforts. World-wide internet access allows users to collaborate seamlessly. User activity, such as electronic signatures and an audit trail ensuring the necessary information for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, can be tracked in the iPACS with version control.